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Rafting Clothing

It is inevitable to stay dry while rafting, but this does not mean that you can wear whatever you lay your hands on. As in any outdoor activity, wearing the appropriate clothing is very important to keep yourself comfortable throughout the River Rafting Trip and protect you from getting hypothermia or other health risks or conditions. In this section, get some valuable tips and suggestions for maximum Rafting comfort:
Rafting Clothing
  • While weather and season are important factors to think about when choosing the right type of clothing, do not wear clothes which are made of cotton, as this material retains water which makes it longer to dry and will not keep you warm. Aside from that, you will discover how cold rivers can get, so make sure to wear something that will keep you warm and is made from insulated material/s. One good way to ensure warmth is to follow the Three Layer System, where you need two or three layers of clothing. You can just peel off a layer when you get too warm. Wetsuit, drysuit, shorts, t-shirt, and bathing suit are some examples of articles that you can wear.

  • Flip flops are definitely a no-no, for the obvious reason that they easily slip off. Neoprene bootees, tennis shoes, or sandals with straps are examples of footwear suitable for the activity. Rivers where Rafting is held have rocks, whether on the surface or underwater. Wear shoes which can protect your feet from cuts and abrasion, in case you need to walk on the river floor with rocks and sharp stones.

  • Apply sunscreen before heading out or as needed. Sunís rays reflecting on the water greatly increases the chances of getting sunburn. Put sunscreen even on a cloudy day. Hat and sunglasses are also necessary.

  • Bring a towel and change of clothes so you will not go home soaking wet.

  • Rafting companies often provide a helmet for every rafter. A shatterproof helmet is an important piece of safety Rafting Gear that can protect your head should you get thrown out of the Raft. Make sure it fits perfectly.

  • Wearing a life jacket is another crucial safety consideration, whether you can swim well or not. It should be snug enough that it does not slide overhead as you conquer the rapids.

Rafting, being a water sport, poses risks different from other outdoor activities. It can be dangerous if precautions are not met and your clothes and pieces of Rafting Gear are not appropriate. Having the right type of clothing greatly decreases the risks and the hassles, making it a safer and enjoyable sport for everyone. Bear these essential guidelines in mind and be a well-dressed rafter before taking the plunge.

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