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Knots for Rafting & Other Activities

Rafters use ropes and tie knots in different situations - from tying a rope to a Raft to securing your equipment on a trailer or on top of your car. Here is a selection of several knots used in Rafting and other outdoor activities:

Trucker's Hitch Trucker's Hitch
A Truckerís Hitch is tied to secure load or an object on a vehicle for hassle-free transport. In Rafting, this knot is usually used to secure the Raft and/or other pieces of Rafting Gear and equipment on a trailer. Learn how to tie a Truckerís Hitch in this section.

Bowline Bowline
The Bowline has been called the "King of Knots" and it is used around the world in one form or another. This is one of the fundamental knots that you should get familiar with. Learn how and where the Bowline is used in this section.

Alpine Butterfly Knot Alpine Butterfly Knot
The Alpine Butterfly is also considered to be one of the best and most secure Single Loop Knots that can be tied in the middle of a rope when you don't have access to the ends. Know how to tie this knot with the help of our animation and easy-to-follow steps.

Fisherman's Knot Fisherman's Knot
The Fisherman's Knot is usually used to tie two ropes or lines with roughly the same diameter such as Fishing Lines, hence the name. We have an animation and easy-to-follow steps that will teach you how to tie this useful knot.

Double Fisherman's Knot Double Fisherman's Knot
As the name suggests, the Double Fisherman's Knot involves tying two Fisherman's Knots. This is commonly used to tie the ends of two ropes of different diameters. Learn how to tie this knot with the help of our animation and easy-to-follow procedure.

Water Knot Water Knot
Also known as the Tape Knot, the Water Knot is usually used to join the ends of two ropes or tapes. This knot is actually two Overhand Knots using two ropes or tapes. It is also used in making tapes into slings. Learn how to tie this knot in this section.

Figure Eight Knot Figure Eight Knot
The Figure of Eight Knot is one of the easiest knots to learn. This stopper knot does not jam and is easy to undo. In this section, learn how to tie a Figure of Eight Knot. Use our animation as your guide as you go through the steps.

Square Knot Square Knot
Also called a Reef Knot, a Square Knot is usually used to tie two ropes or lines of the same diameter. It is very easy to tie and can be used to tie the two ends of a line or rope to bind an object that is not expected to move. Learn more about Square Knot in this section.

Knot-tying is an important skill that should be learned not only by rafters but also enthusiasts of different forms of outdoor recreation. This is also an essential requirement for those who aspire to be Rafting guides or trip leaders. Make sure to know how to tie at least the basic knots before running the rapids. You will soon find uses for them.

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