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Rafting Skills & Techniques

Learning the maneuvers, skills, and technical know-how is one of the important aspects of Rafting. Familiarize yourself with the essential techniques on how to raft and understand the ins and outs of the sport so you can have a safe and enjoyable experience. This section will give you some guidelines when it comes to strokes and maneuvers when running rapids. In addition, learn how to tie different knots which are useful in many outdoor activities.

Oar Strokes Oar Strokes
Oar strokes are one of the tools that you need to learn to help you maneuver rafts through whitewater. Learn more about Oar Strokes in this section.

How to Paddle a River Raft How to Paddle a River Raft
Paddling involves both skill and the ability to work with others as a team. Read this section and learn how to steer your Raft on the river.

Maneuvers when Running Rapids Maneuvers when Running Rapids
This section will discuss how you can combine different strokes into definite maneuvers. Likewise, learn more about the fundamental techniques necessary to run rapids.

Knots for Rafting & other Activities Knots for Rafting & other Activities
Knot-tying is a skill that should be learned not only by rafters but also enthusiasts of different forms of outdoor recreation. Learn how to tie different knots in this section.

Make sure to learn how to do the techniques the right way. Your guide will be able to teach you at least the basics on how to steer the Raft and finish the course.

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